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Voxel Desert is a library of high detail voxel environment assets to use in your projects.


- 100 Models with a triangle count ranging from 30 to 6262 :

  • Cactuses (x38)
  • Flowers (x16)
  • Rocks (x26)
  • Miscellaneous (x20)

Miscellaneous regroups bushes, grass, dead trees, tumbleweeds and twig bushes.

(See asset library screenshot) ➡️

- 2 Sand Textures for Terrain Painting (60x60)

- 1 Fog Texture (64x64)

- Source files (.obj, .vox, and .png texture files)

- Unity Package file (.unitypackage)

- Unreal Engine 5.3 project

Additional note : Screenshots rendered in Unity.

Game Engine Compatibility
  • Unity : 2019.4 and above
  • Unreal : 5.3
  • Godot : Import using source files

Unity Package Details

Built-In and URP support.

100 Prefabs drag and drop ready.

Most cactuses, bushes, and trees prefabs are LOD ready.

2 Main Models Texture (32x32 - 512x512).

All models meshes have been optimized.

Demo scene included.

Unreal Engine Details

100+ Models drag and drop ready.

1 Main Models Texture (1x256)


- Creative Commons Attribution_NoDerivatives v4.0 International

✔️ :

  • You can use this asset pack for any project, commercial or not.
  • You can adapt and/or modify the assets to suit your project needs.

❌ :

  • You can't distribute and/or sell these assets (even modified)
  • You can't claim the asset yours

High-detail voxel models are not recommended for mobile games.

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Get this asset pack and 12 more for $139.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$19.99 $9.99 USD or more

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